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Economic Evolution
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-1960-1969: ION BABOI, Romanian citizen, produces rubber components for sprinkles by cooperation system, distributed in the C.A.P.-s County Union of that time, starting making them in a kitchen of a flat in Bucharest, aided by only one friend, GHEORGHE MÂCNEA, designer. In 1970, ION BABOI immigrated to the USA by crossing border fraudulently.

-5 January 1990: ION BABOI, the American citizen (of Romanian origin) comes back to Romania definitively and sets up "MICA VICTORIA ENTERPRISE" (Decree - Law 54) on the name of Mrs. VICTORIA BABOI, as sole associate, and subsequently becomes "S.C. NEW VICTORIA CAUCIUC S.R.L." in 1991. The production activity initially started in a very small area in 15, Colnicului St., District 4 (on Marțișorului Hill, in the neighbourhood of the house where famous Tudor Arghezi lived), which until 1993 became 13-21, Colnicului St., by purchasing another five small estates in the left and right sides.

-1995: We started the ISO 9002 accrediting procedure under AFER supervising;

-1996: We obtained the RAILWAYS SUPPLIER LICENCE;

-1998: We purchased one more production space in Budesti Town, Calarasi County;

-1999: Licence for trials and tests laboratory for rubber technical products was granted to us by AFER;

-2000: We acquired by purchasing one of the oldest factories for rubber items from Romania, located in Frumuoani Commune, Calarasi County;

-2001: We implemented ISO 9001/2001 system;

-2001: VICTORIA INTERNATIONAL GRUP Company was set up, with an activity object extended on more fields such as constructions, transportation, import-export, management and legal consultancy;

-2002: We initiated R.A.R. licensing procedure;

-2004: We obtained licence from R.A.R.;

-2004: We set up VICTORIA LEASING SRL Company, having as activity object financial leasing, operational leasing etc.