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ISO procedure certification was initiated quite from 1995, as it is among the first companies in Romania at this subject. The major investments we made in assuring quality will be covered thanks to the fact that finally quality decides existence or elimination of any product in the market.

AFER attested and certified all the manufactured products and issued an analyse and trial bulletin that attests their quality in accordance with U.I.C. (Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer).

Quality system is implemented within the entire manufacturing line and works in accordance with quality assurance manuals prepared by our company. and approved by AFER.

New Victoria is the first Romanian producer that accepted at beneficiariesí request to grant an operational guarantee of 130,000 KM.

Professional items that recommend us:

- ISO 9001 (series SMC no. 020)
- Railways supplier licence (series AF no. 1226), issued by the Ministry of Transports - AFER
- Licence for trials and tests laboratory for rubber products (series AL no. 170)
- R.A.R. Authorisation
- Technical documentation of products is approved by MLPAT

Statistically speaking, taking into account the entire production of components we have supplied starting 1993, we can say that we do not have any complaints during guarantee term respecting quality.